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JoJo's College Graduation 2018! Don't tell me what you can't do! Allow me the opportunity to show you what you thought you couldn't!


“… any solution that suppresses the true nature and damage caused by a self-identified trauma will mentally hold us hostage. Our minds become incapacitated while building a foundation to avoid taking full ownership of that which truly pains us. With each day our life can crumble before our very eyes. No one to blame. No excuses to use, we become the "victim" and not the "victor". Ownership Life Skills© provides an opportunity to free yourself of things which have set you up for a less than peaceful and successful life; It is a choice, a mindset, a way of life and the true essence of freedom.” - (Jo Ann Rimmer, 2017)




Sunhouse was established as a non-profit catalyst for adult life skills counseling services in Stockton, CA., in 2003 and ...

This unique one-of-a-kind program was co-founded by its co-authors and instructors,

Jo Ann Rimmer, OLSC

Rodney D. Rimmer, M.S. (CSU-Sacramento)

Our services have proven invaluable within the community assisting individuals and families gain their footing in life. One of our main objectives has been to provide services no other agency has while helping every student with issues which may be hindering them from becoming more productive members of their communities.

Our community partnerships with the San Joaquin County Sheriff's Department and San Joaquin County Office of Education have formed an "unbeatable bond" within the communities we work with. We look forward to many more rewarding partnerships in the future.

The Ownership Life Skills and Reentry programs have been taught at San Joaquin County Honor Farm in French Camp, California under Ownership Life Skills co-founder, instructor, and co-author,

Mr. Rodney D. Rimmer, M.S. 

Reference San Joaquin County Inmate Programs:  https://www.sjsheriff.org/custody/

Jo Ann Rimmer, OLSC

Sunhouse Executive Director and Ownership Life Skills Coach has been at the helm from day one in 2003. My duties include providing enrollment intake and assessment, full administrative duties and resources and referrals. Yep, and designing this website :-) so bear with me.




Rodney Rimmer, M.S. and Jo Ann Rimmer, OLSC


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I was an honored student of Mr.Rimmors.
I wonder really appreciate a response from the both of you.. Jo Jo and Rimmer, please respond at your earliest convenience. I would greatly appreciate it.
Until then I hope you both the best!
-Melissa A. Martinez

I would like more information about cost...

Wonderful service for our community.....I plan on sharing this organization to the population of people I serve in the community...Thank you

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