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Home of Ownership Life Skills Counseling Services©. We proudly introduced Tele-counseling in this community for the Ownership Life Skills Counseling course because after years of experiencing our clients fail at traditional treatment, our updated services have helped more clients get their lives back on track. 

What is Tele-counseling?  If you have access to a computer with camera access; or a phone and can FaceTime or Messenger, then your first step toward enrollment and changing your life has already begun. Providing our convenient classes via this type of media helps the student who may work but can't physically attend classes; lets you complete classes from the comfort of your home; no need to hire a babysitter while you are at classes. The best part: we are comparably priced with other agency prices and guarantee you will have lifetime support when you become a part of the Sunhouse Warrior family. We created a way for clients to get it together without any further excuses for not being successful in their personal and professional lives. 

Sunhouse provides a variety of services within Stockton, CA., and surrounding counties including:


One-on-One Individual Counseling Sessions

Group Presentations and Organization Certification Available for:

(Nonprofits, Schools, Community Based Organizations and More)


Community Partnerships Now Available:

Ownership Life Skills Coach Training and Certification (OLSC©) for:

Individuals seeking to be certified to teach our courses or facilitate individual or group counseling with their OLSC© certification


Please note, all services are donation and/or fee based.   Call (209) 479-1536 for personalized rate inquiries.