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Sunhouse Warriors

Ownership Life Skills Counseling©

Who We Serve

   We can accommodate you if experiencing any of the following life situations:

Criminal Justice Programs (Probation/Parole and must be compliant);


Low-income adult families and individuals;

Addiction Issues (Can be mandated by court)  ** We are not a drug/alcohol treatment facility or program. Ownership addresses more than why you were arrested or convicted and issues which will affect your successful transition in life from unhealthy to healthier behaviors. 

We have worked successfully with many clients experiencing these issues as we understand it's more than just about using and drinking. 

Court-referred or voluntary enrollment for Anger Management (Up to 6 months program or more)


If you are enrolled in Drug Court, DUI Court or involved with CPS and are a repeat offender, we will work with the Courts/Agency to get you transferred to Sunhouse. If you have completed a program before and were not successful and have to repeat it, give us a call so we can offer you the "Last Program" you will complete if you really want to be more successful. Simple. (209) 479-1536 and speak to Administration about your enrollment, application and program fees. We will work with you financially to get the best possible solution from enrollment through discharge and completion of our programs.